The Playhouse

What is the Playhouse?

The Playhouse is a grassroots community space in Knoxville. It is a space for play: Theatre, arts, crafts, games, dance, circus, improv, and playing with ideas. All events are free.

(Note: The Playhouse is a temporary community space. You should assume that it will end very soon. Update coming soon. Note written on 22nd March, 2024.)

The Playhouse is a venue for small, countercultural gatherings and communities. It focuses on activism, the arts, and queer community. Other values include physical health, mental health, educational flourishing. 

Most events decentre alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is provided, but largely ignored.


Scruffy City Salon

The signature event is the Scruffy City Salon, a monthly countercultural gathering. Every salon explores a different theme. 

Acro Jams

The Playhouse is the Winter Space for Knoxville Acro Jams

All welcome.
No partner needed.
Free instruction.

Handstands, Rehearsals, and Dance

The venue hosts a handstand club and various rehearsals and dances. There is a dance studio, with large mirrors on each wall. 

This space can be used, free-of-charge, for community art or health initiatives. 

Saph Nights

A series of gatherings for queer women and non-binary people.

Knoxville has very few sapphic spaces, and most queer spaces center on alcohol and late night clubbing. Saph Nights offer an alternative. 

Saph nights usually involve an optional group art project, or similar arts activity. 

 Other Community Uses

Craft nights, massage nights, co-works, activist meetings, rehearsal space, consciousness raising groups, small theatre shows, aerial apparatus shows, big group art projects, and orgasm education through the Orgasm Advice Circle. 

Other Uses

The neighbourhood kids comandeer the outdoor spaces. Its their gathering ground. 

Regular events
Health: Acro jams, massage nights, and a handstand club.
Community: Craft nights, co-works
Saph nights: 

The Playhouse hosts a wide variety of public events

Woman's Discussion Group

Therapeutic Stretching

Philosophy Research Group 

A Sample of Scruffy City Salon Themes

Third Spaces

Finding comunity in place

Scale Down

When less is more

The Cycles We Live By

Finding community in time

What Art Does

The roles in our lives

A Sample of Other Events

The Playhouse is a place to be rebelliously cooperative. It asks how to flourish together in welcoming community and constantly experiments with the answers. 

This event is designed to try new ideas and share healing arts techniques. 

"Healing arts" includes dance, movement, massage, and meditation. 

Na'la Phillips (Renegade) and Maddei Collins (Knox Community Street Dance & The Bottom) graciously helped facilitate by providing some activities.

Enter a room. There is a selection of items. Maybe a beach ball, flip chart, and three strong magnets. 

As a group, we play with them until we invent a game. We play the game, and move to the next room, where there is another random assortment of objects.

We do this in each room, and co-create a variety of games.

Beltane is the ancient Celtic coming of Summer. 

Together we decided how to mark this and co-created a moment of ritual and community. 

Flower crowns, tarot, a may pole, fire jumping, releasing bay leaves into the flame, and the traditional Beltane toast.