Student Resources

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Careers with a Philosophy Undergrad Degree: See these resources about the career value of a philosophy degree.

University of Tennessee students can meet with Riley Finch to discuss which courses to take to receive a major or minor in philosophy. And he is lovely. So do reach out to him. You might be closer to a major /minor than you realise.

Philosophy Summer Schools

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ii.) This list focuses on undergrad opportunities and isn't comprehensive.

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See also:

  • This is a similar list, and may include some events I have not listed

  • See also this list of summer schools in philosophy, which is maintained by the APA.

Public Philosophy


Podcasts and Radio

Videos and Other

  • Closer to Truth is a website of videos of professional philosophers.

  • Open Culture is a website of links. It has many links to free MOOCs, E-books, and documentaries. You should be able to find a lot of philosophy resources here.

  • Wi-Phi (Wireless Philosophy) is a collection of lectures on philosophical topics.

  • Philosophy TV.

  • There are many MOOCS (Massive Online Open Courses). This one is an "on demand", free, introduction to philosophy. See also this list.

  • The Open University has resources for philosophy here. This includes Ethics Bites podcasts here.

  • Philosophy 15.

Academic Resources

  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) provides introductory surveys of many topics in philosophy. The entries are all free to view online. A $5/year subscription gives you access to PDFs of all the entries.

  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) is still being developed, but is a useful resource. It is similar to the SEP.

  • Think is a philosophy journal written with undergraduates and non-specialists in mind. The articles, whilst being "proper" journal articles, tend to be more accessible than articles in other journals. It is available through the university library.

  • Philosophy Compass is similar to Think, but the journal aims for survey articles, rather than argumentative pieces. These articles can be particularly helpful when orienting yourself within an area of philosophy.

  • Oxford Bibliographies Online provides a concise survey of recent literature in many areas of philosophy.

  • PhilPapers provides a collection of philosophy research. It is organised by topic and by author.