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My advanced students and I meet regularly to workshop each other's research. Description here.

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This photo is a screenshot from a student's hilarious and beautiful commemoration video for an Introduction to Philosophy course, autumn 2020. (Photo credit: Nathanael Parsons.)

Student News

Recent news about student projects I advise and collaborations with students. Details on request.

  • Delia McDevitt is knocking it out of the park with law school applications. Update coming soon.

  • Dario Vaccaro has been interviewed for the Philosopher's Nest podcast. Great work, Dario! Nov 2022

  • Donnie Barnett successfully defended his doctoral thesis, Content Externalism and Self-Knowledge. Congrats to Dr. Barnett! Nov 2022.

  • Delia McDevitt and I have received a Faculty Research Assistants Funding (FRAF) Award to continue our research on sexual harrassment and voir dire selection procedures, September 2022. I look forward to working even more with Delia!

  • Liz Camp (Rutgers) has joined Claire Dartez's doctoral committee. July 2022.

  • Michael Ebling received the 2022 Prados Summer Fellowship for his research on moral knowledge. Congrats, Michael! May 2022.

  • Lots of Milestones this week! Jeffrey Pannekoek defended his doctoral thesis, Dignifying Decisions: The Role of Dignity in Representative Decision-Making. Michael Ebling and Claire Dartez have both advanced to candidacy for the doctorate. Congrats! May 2022.

  • Paige Greene defended her fantastic undergraduate Haslam Scholars thesis, Gray Area: The Discursive Erasure of BDSM Abuse. April 2022.

  • Delia McDevitt has received a departmental scholarship. Congratulations, Delia! April 2022.

  • Michael Ebling received the departmental essay prize for "Apriority and Moral Knowledge". Claire Dartez received runner-up, for "Understanding and the 'Grasping' Condition". Congrats to Michael and Claire! March 2022.

  • Jeffrey Pannekoek has received the fantastic two-year Cleveland Fellowship in Advanced Bioethics! Congratulations, Jeffrey! January 2022.

  • Nathanael Parsons and I have received university funding to study the epistemology of trauma, January 2022

  • Delia McDevitt and I have received a Student Success Research Award to study the epistemology of legal proof and rape; and the ethics of belief, December 2021.

  • This co-authored essay has been published, October 2021.

  • Linh Mac has been accepted into both the Cologne Summer School on experts, authority, and epistemic autonomy and the Vienna Summer School on resistance. Congrats Linh! August 2021.

  • Hannah Fantuzzi has been awarded both the Bacon-Beard Scholarship and the Louise Carr-McClure Scholarship. Congrats! July 2021.

  • Alex Richardson successfully defended his dissertation, Civility and the Politics of Resistance. Congrats, Alex! June 2021.

  • Jeffrey Pannekoek has been awarded the Prados Summer Dissertation Fellowship, May 2021.

  • Jacob Smith joins the philosophy doctoral programme at the University of Virginia, Summer 2021. Congratulations!

  • Kamyar Asasi joins the HPS doctoral programme at the University of Pittsburg, Summer 2021. Congratulations!

  • Jacob Smith and I co-authored 'Opacity of Character: Virtue Ethics and the Legal Admissibility of Character Evidence' (forthcoming) Phil Issues.

  • Research by Jacob Smith and Georgi Gardiner is featured on the Open for Debate blog at Cardiff University, June 2021.

  • Jacob Smith has been selected for a Student Spotlight at the Office of Research and Engagement, based on his legal epistemology research.

  • Linh Mac has been awarded a Spring Fellowship for doctoral research, March 2021.

  • Jacob Smith and I received a Graduate Research Assistance Award for our joint work on the epistemology of character evidence. February 2021.

  • Paige Greene has been nominated for Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for her work on hermeneutical injustices in BDSM discourse. December 2020.

  • The course 'Ignorance, Distraction, and Confusion' received funding for a graduate assistant. Michael Ebling has been appointed. December 2020. The course also received "super seminar" funding and will feature seven guest speakers. October 2020.

  • Spencer Atkins's essay 'Moral Encroachment, Wokeness, and the Epistemology of Holding' is forthcoming in Episteme. October 2020.

  • Linh Mac received the North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP) Graduate Student Award for her essay on the epistemology of #BelieveWomen. July 2020.

  • Linh Mac received the University of Tennessee's Thomas Fellowship Award for her research on hermeneutical and testimonial injustice concerning rape accusations. May 2020.