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I am involved in the circus arts and physical arts. My main performance disciplines are acrobalance and pole. I also perform tightrope, trapeze, stiltwalking, hula hoop, dance, and fire spinning. 

I love to experiment with "found object" aerial displays, such as ladders, bungee, rope, and performing in the rig itself. I am interested in tree climbing as a form of dance.

I teach acro and facilitate acro jams. I also (sometimes) facilitate a ladder-acro club. Contact me to learn about circus opportunities in Knoxville. 

I perform on commission or free for worthwhile organisations. The latter includes new local businesses. 

I am interested in artistic collaborations, particularly with photographers for art photo shoots. Please contact me if you are interested. (No charge for art projects.)

Here are some assorted photos. This includes screenshots from dances, stage performances, and some physio shots.

Under the Sea acro duo with Blake Stannard

Music Video with Tinca Tinca

I also enjoy sailing, traveling, and painting. I lived on a brig with the Tall Ships Youth Trust for about one year, teaching brig sailing to youths. Life is, after all, a circus.

Photo Credits: Ginger Tate Clausen (bottom left), and the Tall Ships Youth Trust (bottom middle), and DLectro Sharp (bottom right).