Public Philosophy

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18.) Video on the Power of "Love"

17.) Podcast Episode at the Empowered Relationship Podcast.

16.) Talk on Love and Limerence

15.) "A Philosopher Looks at Limerence

Self-Deception about Trauma

14.) Trauma's Trilemma Presentation

The 'She Said, He Said' Paradox

13.) "Dr. Sahar Joakim Interviews..." podcast episode

12.) Episode of Excited Utterance on the 'She Said, He Said' Paradox

11.) Keynote Presentation at the Southeastern Epistemology Conference

10.) Social Epistemology Network presentation on the 'She Said, He Said' Paradox

Ethics of Belief

9.) Public Philosophy Panel on Stereotyping and AI in Medicine

8.) Episode of Journal Entries about 'Evidentialism and Moral Encroachment'

Legal Epistemology

7.) Dialexicon podcast episode

6.) Legal Character Evidence Prohibitions and the Opacity of Character, Open for Debate, with Jacob Smith

5.) Interview with Hi-Phi Nation. 

4.) Profiling and Proof

3.) Interview with Legal-Phi

Statistical Inference in Science

2.) Comparison of Severe Testing and Modal Epistemology


1.) Syllabus Showcase